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Calling All Parents And Educators

Posted on   July 25, 2017     By Lauren Rilling

Girl in graduation cap and and gown holding a sign that says senior

BetaGov research assistance is open to educators! As part of BetaGov's goal to help practitioners in public-sector organizations test their own ideas, we are looking for new partners—teachers, administrators, parents, and students—who want to improve education. We are especially interested in simple changes that may seem small but could have a large impact if expanded.

Education presents many possibilities for testing ideas, from innovative curriculum and class schedules to homework reminders and optimal snack times.And of course, our assistance is always free.

We know that one of the best ways to find innovators is to reach out to our Pracademics. So if you know of likeminded innovators who are involved in education, please contact David Farabee or submit your idea here.