BetaGov Articles

Navigating Treatment and Addiction: A Guide for Families (August, 2020)

Dr. Angela Hawken advises NIJ to help lay the groundwork for implementation of the First Step Act: (April, 2019)

PADOC Secretary John Wetzel reflects on his partnership with BetaGov: (February, 2019)

Examining Evidence Based Policing: (May 2020)

Police-Led Field Experiments: Lessons from the NIJ's LEADS Scholars Program (and how BetaGov can help) (July, 2019)

Research in the Ranks: Empowering Law Enforcement to Drive Their Own Scientific Inquiry (January, 2019)

Why our Police Department Conducted Data-Driven and Experimental Trials (February, 2020)

A Problem Oriented and Evidence-Based Policing Project to Combat Motor Vehicle Theft - The Evidence of Intervention in Vallejo, California (May, 2019)

DA Report Scrutinizes Ongoing Racial Disparities in Santa Clara County Prosecutions (February 2019)

BetaGov partnered with the University of North Alabama to study "the If Project" (June 2019)

Commentary on Bainbridge (2019): Improving the Evidence Base for 24/7 Sobriety (and how BetaGov can help) (May, 2019). (Also:

Demystifying Program Evaluation in Criminal Justice: A Guide for Practitioners from the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (May, 2019)

Ashland Police Partners with Culture of Peace Commission (April 2019)

Does Crime Increase When the Moon Is Full? BetaGov's three-country study on the "lunar effect" (October, 2019)

An interview with Angela Hawken, discussing a new way of looking at research. (May, 2018)

BetaGov director Angela Hawken sits down with Carnegie’s Milan Vaishnav to discuss BetaGov's approach to policy research. (July, 2018)

NYU Marron profiles BetaGov's work in bringing RCTs to criminal justice (October, 2018)

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections reports on their work with BetaGov. (April, 2016)

The Open Philanthropy Project spoke with Professor Angela Hawken of BetaGov as part of an update on two Open Philanthropy Project grants. (March, 2016)

A look at BetaGov's work with wellness initiatives in PA prisons (March, 2018)

NIJ looks at BetaGov's work with the public sector. (August, 2018)

Looking at Police2Peace in Redlands, CA (November, 2017)

Angela Hawken discusses using “exploratory” research in criminal justice. (June, 2018)

A brief of Vallejo CA's BetaGov-assisted Automatic License Plate Readers research (March, 2018)

NIJ looks at how BetaGov can help local law enforcement (October, 2018)