BetaGov Trials

Selected Completed Trials

Each completed trial and project is summarized in a “snapshot” that provides information about the trial rationale, design and findings. Given the one-page format, these are simple overviews to describe the trial and the results. Snapshots are designated either as “BetaGov,” indicating that the trial included a rigorous design and implementation, or as a “Spark,” indicating that the project used an alternative design such as a Phase 1 exploratory assessment, evaluation, or was limited by a pragmatic concern such as a limited sample size. Both the BetaGov and Spark snapshots provide useful feedback for partners in determining whether to adopt or expand the trial intervention, or to design additional trials or phases to continue to explore the targeted line of inquiry.


BetaGov Snapshots: Rigorous Design, Implementation, and Analyses Projects


Spark Snapshots: Feasibility, Exploratory, and Pilot Projects